Binini Partners S.r.l. is a professional organisation that specialises in the design and realisation of works and complex programs in the field of urban planning, architecture and engineering for public and private contracts from feasibility studies to testing and work activation, in Italy and worldwide.


The firm

The organisation came from the firm founded by Tiziano Binini in 1996, based on consolidated professional experience, which has developed thanks to the contribution of associated professionals who are known today as Binini Associati.
Towards the end of 2009, due to a considerable growth of the professional activity and turnover, the Binini Partners S.r.l. engineering company was founded, dealing with all the operational activities of the group while the Binini Associati firm deals with involvement, training and organisation of the professionals, the capital of human resources at the base of every achievement reached so far.

Binini Partners, Società di architettura e ingegneria, Reggio Emilia, Italia
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CNETO Award 2019

The new IRCCS Galeazzi Hospital in Mind Milano Area, winner of the 2019 CNETO Award for best project of the year in the healthcare

Architettura Toscana Award

The Chapel “Santa Maria Salute degli Infermi” aou of Careggi, Florence, selected from the shortlisted

The Plan Award - House future category

The “Borgo dei Ciliegi”, which will be born at the foot of the Matildici hills, was selected among the finalists for the Plan Award 2018, house future category. Also in its category was the most voted online project by users

The Plan Award - Health future category

The new IRCCS Galeazzi, which will be born in Milan, in the mind area, was selected in the finalists for the Plan Award 2018 healthcare future category

The Plan Award - Shortlisted

Binini Partners presented four projects in different categories, all selected by the jury in the shortlisted: 1. Galeazzi Hospital, health/future. 2. the port of San Teodoro, transport/completed. 3. the Matildic Castle of Rossena, renovation/future. 4. il Borgo dei Ciliegi, house/future

The 2018 Plan Award in the Health Future category

Honourable mention for MIRE, Maternity and Infant Care of Reggio Emilia, at the IRCCS Santa Maria Nuova hospital of Reggio Emilia

Tender for Contract winners

Tender for contract winners for the project of “Adaptation of the navigation conditions of the of the Po River bed - Revere-Ferrara section” for the AIPo of Parma

The Plan Award 2018 categoria Interior completed

"Santa Maria Salute degli Infermi" Chapel Aou Careggi, shortlisted inThe Plan Award 2018 Interior completed category

The Plan Award 2018 Transport completed category

Navigation basin at the Serafini Island on the Po River among those shortlisted for the Plan Award 2018 in the transport completed category

Tender winners

Tender winners in the Food Project Area for the Science and Technology Mastercampus at the Università degli Studi di Parma

Call for design entries finalists

Finalists in the Call for entries and request for a second level feasibility study for the new Bambin Gesù di Polidoro Paediatric Hospital pavilion in Rome

Call for entries finalists

Call for entries finalists for the new headquarters of the IRCCS Stella Maris in Pisa

2015 CNETO Award

The CORE, Centre for Oncology and Haematology of Reggio Emilia, building at the I.RC.C.S. arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova hospital of Reggio Emilia, winner of the 2015 CNETO award for best project of the year in the area of health and social care

Tender winners

Tender winners for the Office and residential complex of the San Donato group in Milan

Tender winners

Tender winners for construction management for the new Surgery, Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical block of the Department of Advanced Specialisation (DEAS) for the AOU of Careggi

Tender winners

Tender winners for the project “Po Waterway system 365f” for the AIPo of Parma

Private tender winners

Winners of an international tender for the design of hospitals in Jeddah and Medina for the Mutabagani family


Binini Partners S.r.l. has acquired considerable experience in the planning, design and creation of urban and infrastructure, hydraulic defence, environment and protection projects, renewable and sustainable energy projects, river and sea navigation, ports, roads, railroads and logistics, healthcare, social and productive architecture, restoration, consolidation and recovery of historical architecture, furnishing and urban and landscape re-qualification.

“I must express my gratitude to Binini Partners for the attention and care with which they deigned the new Chapel in the DEAS of Careggi. In its noble and welcoming simplicity, it is open to all those who, dealing with the struggle and mystery of suffering, feel they need to open their heart to prayer.”

Card. Giuseppe Betori, Archbishop of Florence

“In the field of design firms the professionalism and experience of Binini Partners have no rivals. I have had the chance to appreciate this in two of the aspects I have dealt with in my activity: hospital architecture and waterway and navigation works. The passion and the original nature of the proposals, with continued respect for the territorial context, the creativity in the most suitable technical solutions and the high quality of the technical production make the firm a secure reference point.”

Luigi Mille, Managing Director AIPO – Agenzia Interregionale per il fiume Po (Inter-regional agency for the Po River)

“I had the opportunity to get to know Binini Partners during the work on a difficult project and appreciated their technical skills and in particular the efforts of all of the staff to understand the needs of the client. It was an adventure that required the search for an agreement among different stakeholders, at times with contrasting needs. This occasion not only left me with a memory of excellent professional collaboration, but also an experience of support among colleagues and friendship thanks to the friendliness and empathy of all of the groups and in particular, I must say, with Tiziano Binini."

Prof. Fabrizio Pregliasco, Virologist Unimi, Helth Director IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico (Orthopaedic institute) Galeazzi di Milano, President of Anpas

“I met Tiziano Binini and Binini Partners in 2011 after they won an international tender for architectural firms that my family had organised to design new hospitals in Jeddah and Medina. We had also invited American, European and Middle-Eastern firms, but we understood from the go that with Binini Partners we would have found personal empathy and superior quality thanks to the style and elegance for which the Italians are so well known. Indeed that was the case: since then we have developed many projects together, merging the innovative models of the organisational and functional solutions with a humanising effect and structure design. Over the years of working together a deep friendship has developed with our family based on mutual respect and affection.”

Dr. Khaled Mutabagani – NEW JEDDAH CLINIC HOSPITAL – Hamed Al Mutabagani Group SA

“I remember my first meeting with Tiziano Binini with great pleasure in 1996. We were in the area of Cremona for a project on the Milan - Cremona - Po navigation canal and we were discussing with engineer Gabriele della Luna the navigational layout. We were later involved in the German companies RMD AG and RMD Consulting GmbH dealing with various tenders for internal navigation and we designed the Serafini Island navigation system together. We also visited, along with Binini Partners’ collaborators as well as representatives of the Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto regional governments, various projects created by RMD in Germany (the Rhine - Main - Danube canal as well as river navigation projects around the Regensburg Straubing area. In all of these situations I had the chance to appreciate his professionalism, his skills and his friendship."

Ing. Frank Steffens, RMD Wasserstraßen GmbH

“From Expo to Mind, it is now a consolidated reality. The creation of a great research, innovation and healthcare ecosystem is at an advanced stage, with public and private investments that come together in a project in Italy which is one of the most advanced in Europe. Among the main points of MIND there is obviously the new IRCSS Galeazzi, with the fundamental design role of Binini Partners. It will be a cutting edge structure for healthcare and scientific and health research. It is an extraordinary challenge that Milan faced bravely bringing together the best skills in the city, the country, the academic world, future-thinking companies and the institutions that accompany this project. We will meet the challenge together, as we have done in the past thanks to our cohesion, professionalism and the skills of the protagonists of MIND.”

Giuseppe Bonomi, CEO Arexpo S.p.A.

“I have had the opportunity to know the reality of Binini Partners up close. Tiziano Binini has built up the firm by surrounding himself with some of the excellent talent that comes out of our universities who today are affirmed, reliable professionals with great experience. The quality of their close-knit design group can be seen in their work which shows the intelligence and passion of those who designed and created it. I personally presided over the presentation of the CORE ( Centre for Oncology and Haematology of Reggio Emilia) at the auditorium of the CREDEM headquarters in 2015 and seeing the building perfectly functioning with the satisfaction of those who work there and those who are welcomed every day is a real pleasure. It has become a point of excellence for Reggio Emilia and national healthcare. This is also thanks to Binini Partners to whom I also wish the best of luck for a successful future.”

Giorgio Ferrari, President of Credem Holding

“I first had the opportunity to collaborate with Binini Partners during important re-qualification work at the hospital in which I was working, learning from them and with them about aspects of health management that are not always covered in the years of specialisation training. As well as great professionalism and skill, I also found humanity and the desire to share technical and legislative knowledge and this attitude allowed me to acquire useful skills for my daily activity. The spirit with which Tiziano Binini and his team deal with projects entails listening carefully to specific needs and the sharing of ideas which leads to a successful and technically evolved interpretation of the needs of the client who becomes a protagonist of the design phase. The end result is a creative symphony that is also technically rigorous in which different skills and great attention to the final users, both staff and patients, are merged. The result is excellent to say the least.”

Doctor Laura Galetto, Health director of IRCCS Cardiological centre, Monzino

“I met Binini Partners and Tiziano Binini for the first time at the inauguration of the CORE in Reggio Emilia. A creation that is beautiful not only for the innovative content, but also because it improves the quality of life of the patients of the entire community of the central Po Valley. Tiziano Binini, along with his collaborators, was the creator of this project that redefined building and functional standards of large hospital structures. In my life as an entrepreneur I have constantly strived for the goal of the best possible factory. A vision founded on system improvements that are aimed at efficiency by intervening on organisation, work-flows, ergonomics, living comfort and socialisation. I found the same approach in the work of Binini: an ideal holistic tension that can merge interest and attention to the individual with the efficiency that a large organisation must have. I feel that the engineering of Binini Partners represents a lot more than careful interpretation of specifications and technical documents because you can also experience the humanism that has made Italian architecture great in the world.”

Fabio Storchi, President of Unindustria Reggio Emilia

“The collaboration between Binini Partners and the Politecnico di Milano university has become a long-standing and consolidated relationship thanks to moments of exchange and technical and scientific training or through the organisation of seminars and guided tours to hospital projects that have been created in recent years and are considered interesting case studies on a national level. The added value of Binini Partners in training and research comes from various points of innovation for technical and design solutions that can guarantee sustainable, efficient and performing hospitals from an environmental, economic, management and social point of view. To this end, Binini partners has been a patron of the 2nd level master in “Planning, Programming and design of Hospital and healthcare systems” at the Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano and Università cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Roma. These collaborations have become a part of our mission and we wish to continue them.”

Prof. Stefano Capolongo, Professor in Hospital Design – Dipartimento ABC_Politecnico di Milano