A Virtuous & Inclusive Vision

Business… and then? Responsibility and Sustainability.

With the aim of carrying out its mission as best as possible and in line with the strategic vision, Binini Partners has decided to adopt a Management System for Gender Equality (SGPG) compliant with UNI/PdR125:2022, as a valid tool to ensure gender equality relating to the presence and professional growth of women, enhancing inclusive culture and the activation of processes capable of developing female empowerment.

Achieving certification for Binini Partners S.r.l. it will only represent the first piece of a path to implementing gender equality policies, with a view to improving and promoting gender equality. The certification, in fact, has the objective of accompanying and encouraging the organization to adopt policies suitable for reducing the gender gap with the consequent benefits for the well-being of the staff, in addition to the reputational and ethical impacts.