The new Gresmalt Stand at Cersaie

Cersaie 2022, Bologna

On the occasion of Cersaie 2022, the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings in Bologna, Binini Partners has designed the stands of the Gresmalt Ceramics Group.

For the 39th edition, the Reggio-based studio has in fact devised a new concept for the exhibition area of ​​the Abitare la Ceramica and Frassinoro brands.

The new Gresmalt collections were presented within an open and innovative architectural space, which looks to the future and reflects the corporate values.

The design of Binini Partners aims to tell the essence of the brand in all its forms, creating a sort of “museum space” that leads visitors to discover the collections through an emotional and sensorial journey, linked to beauty and harmony. Style, hospitality and sustainability for ceramic surfaces for living and for business.

The new stands Abitare la Ceramica and Frassinoro want to subliminate the experience of stoneware. The close approach to museum geography places the tile in a mixed space between art and decoration.

We have sought a double narration of the product, provoking a dialogue between its own function and the more allegorical one of supporting domestic and architectural design: the rigorous parallelepipeds, composed of unique pieces that pop up in the center of the stand, on which art icons are placed. and design become symbols of this new search for meaning. Gresmalt places his work in an orderly and elegant environment, suggesting to the visitor food for thought and contemporary logics of abstraction.

The New Gresmalt Stand at Cersaie

Gresmalt Ceramics Group

Year of execution:

Total area:
400 m²

Binini Partners

Gresmalt | Ph. Alessandro Bonori

Project / service signatory technicians:
Binini Partners
Ing. Tiziano Binini, Arch. Marta Binini, Dott. Matteo Binini, Ing. Ed. Arch. Francesco De Benedittis, Arch. Francesco Di Salvo

The New Gresmalt Stand at Cersaie
Cersaie 2022, Bologna