Art Director Matteo Binini, Binini Partners , Società di architettura e ingegneria, Reggio Emilia, Italia

Art Director Matteo Binini

Binini Partners, Società di architettura e ingegneria, Reggio Emilia, Italia
Creativity is contagious. Pass it on. (Albert Einstein)

My work:
I work in Binini Partners because it allows me to do the job I love dealing with a challenge that is one of a kind, in daily contact with the world of design, architecture and engineering, characterised by style, elegance, know-how and “made in Italy” elements which need to be communicated.
Binini Partners is a firm that has always been ahead of the times, investing in people, particularly young people and in new professions and technologies. We are a family and this is my family made up of people, serious professionals, down-to-earth and reliable who try to find a solution for every problem. Our added value is in offering an integrated service, guaranteeing a high level of architecture and engineering on every project. My task is improving the brand image of Binini Partners communicating the identity of solid group which is efficient, creative and highly competitive on a national and international level.


My experience:
I was born on 10th June 1992 in Montecchio Emilia (Province of Reggio Emilia) and in 2016 I obtained my degree in Graphic Design & Art Direction at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan, while in 2017 I obtained my Postgraduate Master in Fashion Photography & Film at the Marangoni Institute in Milan.
Since 2018 I have collaborated with Binini Partners as Art Director & Graphic designer, dealing with the coordination of creative design and the communication, video & photography, website, social media and editorial project activities on specialised press.


Creativity is the key to harmonize functionality and beauty

We innovate, we test, we refine. Because what we create today, makes life better tomorrow.