Architetto Marta Binini, Binini Partners , Società di architettura e ingegneria, Reggio Emilia, Italia

Arch. Marta Binini

Binini Partners, Società di architettura e ingegneria, Reggio Emilia, Italia
Architecture and brilliance, function, beauty, art!

My work:
I witnessed the birth of Binini Partners with the sacrifice, passion and skill of my father, Tiziano and loving support of my mother Rosaria. Working for the firm is a source of pride and especially privilege to carry out and achieve the innovative design objectives. The firm has been an architectural pioneer and environmental safeguard on a personal and modern level since its foundation. Individual well-being and sustainability are at the centre of our firm to create new forms, new spaces and new landscapes that can educate society and help communities live better.

Binini Partners is a synonym of passion and dedication, creativity and responsibility in a family firm. At the same time, it is my source of creativity, taste for beauty and organisational spirit, to create environments, architectures and landscapes that can be functional, harmonious and comfortable.


My experience:
I was born on 5th October 1987 in Montecchio Emilia (Province of Reggio Emilia) and in 2016 I obtained my degree in Architectural and Building Engineering Science at the University of Parma.

Since 2018 I have collaborated with Binini Partners for urbanisation and architectural and interior design.


Architecture doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful.

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.