Binini Partners , Società di architettura e ingegneria, Reggio Emilia, Italia

Specialist Laboratories

We perceive research labs as elegant and efficient architecture which aim to embody places where ideas are born, home to innovation, technology and human sciences.
For the design process, a multidisciplinary approach is used, with a systemic vision of the building to guarantee utmost flexibility, with high standards of effeteness in time. We offer design studies to conceive new integrated, interactive and relational spaces for the context to guarantee a high level of environmental quality for the workplace, for training and scientific development. Places to connect researchers, companies and community. We constantly search for the innovations that encourage adaptability to future changes, both in terms of space and technologies used, optimising the maintenance and management costs. We choose architectural solutions that are cutting edge and effective, high performing materials and sustainable technologies to design real “research machines”.

Selected projects