Binini Partners , Società di architettura e ingegneria, Reggio Emilia, Italia


It is the architecture of the future, made of buildings that are energetically efficient that use renewable energy sources, with the lowest possible environmental impact, also with social connotation of great importance for the future. Sustainable architecture must be the architecture of the landscape and the land, that can allow the use of positive aspects of the energy sources available, reducing the emissions of carbon into the atmosphere. Sustainable architecture is also a synonym of building and quality, with the target of efficient energy consumption, with a low consumption of environmental resources, with a careful study of different types of solutions and a careful selection of the materials used. Designing in an eco-friendly way is a need that not only improves the living comfort of the single citizen and the whole community, but also a fundamental practice with the aim of preserving the environment, the landscape and the earth.

Selected projects