Cast of the MIRE stalls made – Maternity and Infancy Healthcare in Reggio Emilia

On 27.05.2023, the casting of the first part of the stalls of MIRE – Maternità Infanzia Reggio Emilia was successfully carried out, which literally lays the foundations for a very important work for Reggio Emilia and beyond.

Team di Binini Partners.
Da sx: Ing. Matteo Margaria, Ing. Tommaso Mendicino, Ing. Tiziano Binini, Ing. Alberto Baroni

280 tons of reinforcing steel and 1.600 mc of concrete pumped non-stop from 05:00 in the morning, in just 12 hours, thanks to the men of the ALLODI S.R.L. and EMILIANA CONGLOMERATI S.P.A., which employed 3 pumps (+1 spare), through a great deal of transport organization, with the support of 4 concrete mixing plants and 35 concrete mixer trucks, which passed approximately every 4 minutes.
Design and Works Management (DL) by Binini Partners.